Black Bean and Sweet Potato Quesadillas

Another tasty queasadillas recipe



2 tortilla wraps

1 sweet potato peeled and chopped

1 tin black beans

1 teaspoon garam masala

half a teaspoon turmeric

half a teaspoon paprika

1-2 handfuls spinach

2 slices cheese of your choice (I used cheddar)


Step 1: Steam or boil sweet potato until soft. (About 10 minutes) 


Step 2: Rinse and drain black beans. Put in mixing bowl along with cooked sweet potato. Mash with potato masher or fork. 


Step 3: Add in spices and mix well. 


Step 4: Place 1 tortilla wrap on baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Spread black bean and sweet potato mixture on top of tortilla. 


Step 5: Put spinach on top of black beans and sweet potato. Then put cheese on top of spinach. 


Step 6: Finally put second tortilla on top and press everything together. Bake in oven preheated to 180 c for 10-15 minutes. 


Step 7: Cut into quarters and enjoy for lunch or dinner. If you have some leftover you can put it in the fridge and reheat it the next day. 



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